Get All Your Farming and Hunting Needs in One Place


Running a farm is serious business. There’s always work to do, fences to fix and animals to tend. All of this activity requires a lot of time, effort and even more supplies. G&H Outdoor Store stocks the supplies you need to keep your farm running smoothly.

In need of animal feed? We sell Purina and plenty of other options to keep your livestock happy and healthy. Come in to the store as often as you like to pick up the feed, or have it delivered to you. If you need four tons or more delivered to you, we’ll deliver it for free!

In addition to feed and supplies for your livestock, we also carry hardware for you to maintain everything from your hay fields to your garden. If you need a rake or fencing material, we can provide it for you in any of our four locations.

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When you’re getting ready to go hunting for turkeys, ducks or deer, G&H Outdoor Store is the place to stock up on equipment. We carry clothing and merchandise to help make you hunt as comfortable and successful as possible. Additionally, we sell firearms to help you get the best shot at your target. The firearms we carry include:

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Full List of Inventory

  • Fencing: wire, posts, chargers
  • Lawn Care and Gardening Supplies
  • Clothing: boots, camo, caps, waders
  • Fertilizer
  • Seed plots
  • Ryegrass
  • Shavings
  • Decoys: weights and string
  • Fire Arms: ammunition of all shapes and sizes from .22 bullets to 10 gauge shells
  • Browning Safes: for the people who have too many guns
  • Yeti: cups and coolers
  • Introducing new gift cards: perfect for the holiday season

New Items at G&H!

Super Black Eagle 3
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Cowboy's Crawfish Washer- Coming Soon!
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